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School Pizza & Hot Lunch Program

We now offer Hot Lunches

PANINI... Veal and Chicken
PASTA... Lasagna and Penne
(All panini and pastas are individually packed and placed neatly in pizza boxes 
for simple and quick distribution to classes).

Our commitment to quality and consistency

  • Dough is made daily on premises

  • Our pizza sauce is made from fresh whole plum tomatoes, 
    garden fresh basil, and fresh garlic

  • Pizzas are delivered in warmers on wheels right to your serving area

  • Slices and pepperoni are cut and spread over pizza


  • Very competitive

  • Prices will be set for the school year with no increases

  • Prices are lower than most franchises

Our promise

  • Delivery on time (within 5 minutes of specified time)

  • You deal directly with ownership

  • Minor changes can be made same morning

  • Veggie pizzas available at same price

  • Delivery as early as 10:00 A.M.

Proudly serving schools for over 20 years

Being a family owned business allows us to maintain great quality and competitive pricing. The last 20 years has been very successful. Many kids were able to consume hundreds of party size pizzas over the school year.

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Sinopoli's would like to supply your school with hot lunches for the coming year. Call now for pricing and special promotions. Ask for your hot lunch package and a free sampling of pizza, pasta and panini for your next parent council meeting.

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